Subwords Privacy Policy

Scores and Progress Data

All data is collected and stored locally. Your best score and achievements only synced with GameCenter if you’ve logged into your GameCenter account. Other than that, no Data is transmitted. There are no analytics, ads or anything like that.

True Depth Camera (Head Control)

Subwords has a special accessibility feature on devices with an TrueDepth Sensor called Head Control. This mode enables people that can only move their head to play the game. When Head Control is enabled, the True Depth sensor tracks the position of your nose and projects it on the screen in the form of a red dot. The mode is deactivated on default and can be activated/deactivated again in the settings. You nose position is only tracked as long as the mode is enabled. The Face-Information is immediately discarded after the red dot is moved. It's never shared with any third party or uploaded to any server.

Concluding Remarks

I want you to enjoy the game and have no interest into harvesting your data. If you still have any questions, contact me at: